Thursday, January 31, 2008

A poem for replacing grief and worry with hope and action

Lutheran Pastor Linda Faltin offers her poem to all:


O God of Integrity,
how often I mouth the words
which sound correct...
express indignation at the
policies of my government,
the decisions of my church,
but DO nothing.
immobilized by the
overwhelming reality of
need in this world,
I DO nothing.
Oh, I pray...
you know I pray, O God,
flinging my words &
thoughts into the
universe we all
yet how often those
prayers are simply
wails of grief &
impatience &
childish angst...
while pen & paper lie unused...
phone calls to those in Congress
go unmade...
choices about how to spend-
lack deliberation,
avoid responsibility...
Yet here I am,
a living incarnation
of a holy spirit...
holding in my
hands & life the
power to choose...
to co-create...
to be a part of
making justice...
of saying yes to life...
Help me to say- and mean-
"Here I am- use me!"

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful poem. Thank you for sharing this now.