Friday, January 25, 2008

Possible Logo

Here is a possible Logo design for La Vela. The image is meant to be both a candle and a door. The door was added based on Brady's comment that he imagined a door in the logo along with the candle. I tried to blend the two into one. The door may need a handle and the seam between the wall and door may need to be made more apparent for it to understood. The color can change for the website and business cards but I did black and white to show how it will reproduce on copies, fliers, etc. I made it rough to give it a hand-made look, other Latino groups like el pueblo have that same style in their logos. I started with a clean cut out of the design (created with Yareni and SHaw's help) but it seemed too corporate and uninviting to me. The lettering for "La Vela" can change as can the bi-line. Leave comments here or email me.

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Kristina said...


I would love to see this at the top of the page. It is perfection before any changes.